Open Science: From Transparency to Efficient Theory Development

Susann Fiedler & Andreas Glöckner

Termin: Sonntag, 16.09.2018, 9-17h
Ort: SH 1.101 (Seminarhaus)
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The aim of the workshop is to inform about current instruments and approaches to Open Science that aim to ensure the reproducibility of scientific output without restricting innovative research. We will discuss concrete steps in your day to day research process that can be designed in a more efficient way while simultaneously increasing the reproducibility of your own findings. This workshop will highlight some of the resources and platforms available to help share code, data, and methods. We will work with concrete examples and discuss critically potential problems of open data and how they can be addressed.

Additionally we will report about recent Open Science Initiatives within Germany that might inspire to implement some of the measures also on an institutional level and foster collaborative efforts to increase reproducibility.

Beyond these specific measures to improve reproducibility we will discuss also more long term developments aiming to improve the foundation for efficient research by fostering: (a) precise theory specification, critical theory testing, and theory revision as well as (b) the establishment of interconnected databases for theories and empirical results, which are continuously updated in a decentralized manner.


The Workshop is directed at researchers that want to improve their own research procedures and inform themselves about new developments in the field, as well as researchers planning on starting their own Open Science Initiatives.